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16 Reasons Dating Your Senior School Sweetheart Is The Greatest

16 Reasons Dating Your Senior School Sweetheart Is The Greatest

1. He had been here for the twelfth grade graduation, university graduation, as soon as you’ve got your adult that is first work. Oh, as soon as your very first paycheck arrived, you skipped away in the regular Red Robin celebratory dinner and consumed at an overpriced restaurant together since you felt like grownups. He had been here to commemorate every milestone that is awesome your daily life, which made them a lot more awesome.

2. You’ve got the best possible inside jokes and more or less your language that is own that one knows. Like, an individual states they “need Starbucks,” you two can’t assist but break up since it means one thing hilarious and variety of inappropriate for you two. Every person hates it and you will get some severe side-eye whenever it takes place, you’re too busy giggling to care.

3. He is seen you at your stages that are awkward nevertheless thought you had been gorgeous. In the event that you discovered somebody who thought you had been breathtaking in braces and side bangs, never ever allow see your face go.

4. Their siblings start thinking about you their sis. Whenever you began dating, their sister that is little was like, 8 and today she is in twelfth grade.