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While its direct sequel might have added bells and whistles, Mega Man ZX built on the formula of both the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero series and Inti Creates built something that struck a chord with fans. There were dark times ahead for the blue bomber, but the DS hosted a couple of light spots. FREE DOWNLOAD Open over 300 file formats with File Viewer Plus. The smallest .nds file you’re ever likely to see, which still does something.

Games like Infinite Space and Avalon Code are extremely underappreciated, and I only have myself to blame for not having voted. From this list I’ve learned that you should buy anything Pokemon, Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, Castlevania, or Dragon Quest related.

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The ARM7 sticks itself into an infinite loop, and the ARM9 fills the main-core framebuffer with red before entering its own infinite loop. I eventually got my wish, of a small framebuffer-testing demo, but it was fun to get there. From looking at the above output, it’s simple to see that the structure of the .nds file as a whole is dictated by the entries in this header. The fact that the ARM9 binary follows the header is simply due to the setting of “ARM9 ROM offset” to 0x200, which is the first byte in the file after the header.

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Nice list, quite a few on it I apparently need to still pick up for my DS. I’m so glad TWEWY, Ace Attorney 3 and Ghost Trick are that high. It’s also very close for me with Chrono Trigger vs HeartGold. I’d edge it HeartGold but that’s just because I played it more.

I actually hadn’t anyone even speak of FFTA2 in quite some time and began to wonder if it was the forgotten child of the franchise. The DS has such a stellar library that unlike the Gameboy, I couldn’t easily pinpoint any particular favorites. I pretty much liked all of the major DS titles outside of the Zelda entries.

I made a clear distinction between Bowser’s Inside Story, my favourite Mario & Luigi game and Partners in Time, the worst and not just worst of the bunch like the article says but also a boring game. I own all of the top 9 , and 33 of the top 50, with a few more of them coming soon gamecube emulator – good list, just a bit too much Prof Layton if you ask me. I’m not surprised at all that neither Zelda made the list. The control and gimmicks were awful and not fun at all. I love Zelda , but I couldn’t even finish Spirit Tracks.

Days of Ruin should have been way higher on this list too. It’s amazing and maybe, just maybe my favorite DS game. I also hold Contact in very high regard, but it’s most definitely not for everyone. Decent list, but not as many hidden gyms as I was hopping to see.