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A Smooth Destination To Land For The Psychotic

A Smooth Destination To Land For The Psychotic

Information, 2nd viewpoints, truth checks, validation, comfort, and much more. If you’d like such a thing after all, come talk in my opinion

My sworn sibling has instantly got something similar to Cotard delusion. He keeps understanding but he feels as though he is literally dead and does not understand how to reveal to himself that he’sn’t. Just as much though he has been silent abt his dysphoria for a long time so maybe it’s like that too but idk, these are different things after all as I know he’s never been psychotic before, he’s never said he relates to what I wrote/reblogged/etc abt my own schizophrenia. And I also’ve never ever had that delusion that is particular I got no concept how exactly to assist him.

I believe that there’s a divide in tips on how to manage this, but since logic does not seem to help and knowledge is not helpful, it may you should be far better manage this in a more “practical” fashion for exactly how he’s feeling. Demonstrably, encourage him to obtain assistance and usually do not further or enable the belief, but aid in means that truly make him feel much better. Ask exactly what would make him feel convenient. Don’t tell him he’s dead, but if he states he is, don’t forcibly tell him once again and again again that he’s maybe not, which may simply create anxiety. Perhaps recommend some self care choices that produce their human anatomy more inhabitable for him, one thing to simply help cope with the thought of being dead in place of discounting the thing that is whole. Frequently I’m better at examples, but we can’t think about any such thing straight away, but ask what you definitely may do.

I simply knew that the people i idea had been my buddies weren’t actually my friends.