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Metroid Prime 3 came and I enjoyed another kick at the Metroid can but it didn’t grip me quite like Prime 1 and even 2 had. It was also close to a point where I started falling out of gaming and becoming much more interested in wind waker hd emulator download movies and watching all manner of classic and new films.

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You might have seen some chat about Streets of Rage 4, the first new game in this beloved series of comic-book brawlers for 26 years. If you want the unreconstructed retro experience, though, play Streets of Rage 2. Fly-kicking your way through numberless small-time thugs in grimy, neon-lit streets seemed so edgy at the time, but now it is oddly comforting.

I finally picked up a copy a year or two ago but haven’t played it yet. I did download Metroid 2 from the VC when it was released a put a little bit of time into it and took out the first couple metroids in it but, like the original NES game, it was the not the kind of Metroid experience I craved. Picked up Federation Force around March this year but have yet to put anytime into it. However, I did grab Samus Returns and have almost completed it right now and I am mildly hyped at the prospect of Prime 4. I need to see some actually footage instead of a logo to be fully hyped like Samus Returns when I watched the trailer for it on the 3DS but a purchase is pretty much assured at this point.

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Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Fusion followed thereafter. Both were good but both suffered from having to follow what had come before. MP2 had various enemies/assists that were reused from Prime 1 which made it seem like less of a fresh experience. I got Metroid Prime Pinball because suddenly my Metroid options were fast diminishing. I thought about hunting down a copy of Metroid 2 for the Game Boy but never got around to it since I was beginning to cool on my Metroid fandom.

I think I was even hoping for a remake of it or had heard others talk of how it should be remade a la Zero Mission at this point. It had burned to bright and the formula was becoming quite clear. There was a learning curve to the controls and I took my time exploring things but I was blown away once again by another Metroid game. I couldn’t believe that Metroid wasn’t Nintendo’s top selling franchise.