The Best Way to Select a circular saw: professional tips

First of all, it is necessary to Ascertain that circular saw is suitable for a Specific job, depending on the design of the tool you will find:

  • Stationary – really a system, which can be a saw mounted on a framework. Requires free space at the workshop, and at times another room. Designed such a circular saw to get permanent processing of lumber, and in large volumes.
  • Table – the preceding version in mini, installed on another workbench or table, is also used for sawing a huge volume of wood, by way of instance, during the building of the tub.
  • Manual – a mobile instrument, intended for processing workpieces in various planes. This is the most usual sort of circular saw, however the least powerful of the clarified. When functioning, it needs periodic remainder, and is utilized for sawing small quantities of substance.

Hand-held instrument is much more flexible than static variants. It costs considerably more economical, but under specific conditions is able to deal with the same tasks, though with less efficacy. When picking it, you ought to be guided by the criteria below.


According to the type of energy source, circular electric saws are divided into 2 classes:

  • Networked – they operate out of a national electric network of 220 V. If we talk about professional machines, then they need a lineup of 380 V. The drawback of the connection option – the requirement to have an electricity grid in the place of work, in addition to some inconvenience of operation because of the wire.
  • Vacuum – operate in standalone mode, additionally require the existence of a socket, but to control the battery, so their radius of performance isn’t constrained by anything. Based on battery capacity, they could work on a single charge not over 50 minutes.

The second option is sensible to buy only if for any reason it’s impossible to use the mains viewed. Form of work

Submersible saws come in handheld and stationary versions. Their difference is in the fact that the saw blade at the initial place is within the workpiece, able to descend to its own centre. This allows you to begin cutting not with the edge of the substance, cut holes.

Metal circular saws are strong models which are equipped with more durable or abrasive disks. Capable of cutting sheet metal, pipes, profiles. A number of them manage wood both well.

The width of the disc directly is based upon the power of this saw’s electrical motor. The more powerful the instrument, the bigger the disk it is in a position to rotate, the more stable the rotation frequency of the latter, the more the duration of continuous operation, the less likely the wedge. In addition, powerful saws enable you to process heavier substance, but they also are thicker. So, for instance, versions at two kW on average weigh 7 kg, while 1.2 kilowatt – approximately 4 kg.

According to the energy saws could be broken as follows:

  • 0,8-1,2 kW – the tool of average power, is able to cope with many household jobs.
  • More than 1,2 kW – generators for professional usage.
  • The Way to Select a circular saw: professional tips

    The larger the width of the disc, the stronger the electric motor has to function, the heavier the workpieces the saw may use. Seating diameter is just another parameter that determines if a specific disk will match the chosen saw. The most common standards here would be 20 and 30 mm.

    At greater rates, less torque is necessary for sawing, which means dense material is simpler to handle. Bear in mind that using higher RPM the warmth of this material at the area of contact with the saw increases, the exact same laminate or plastic requires less RPM. Ideally, it is far better to select a saw with flexible speed.


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